What is Graphite?
2019-03-11 14:03:31

Graphite, which has a crystaline structure just like diamond due to teh carbon in its structure, is though that as soft material, not comparable with diamond. Graphite, which distinguishes with its soft structure, has a oilish footprint leaving structureon paper and at present is still graphite is used at pencil production along with a clay micture. Whilst its oily structure gives graphite a special structure, it provided an ideal writing and drawing tool for human with its footprint leaving feature on surfaces. Graphite, which is also used in the industry after being converted into oil, has a rather broad utilization range.

Graphite is a material which can resist very high temperatures due to its chemical structure and at the same time a very good conductor. Graphite, which can be used as motor brushes in every device with electrical motors, exists even in the white goods in the households like washing machines and vacuum cleaners. Graphite, which started to be used in the space programs of diverse countries during the recent years except in domestic appliances, ensures that the heat shields of the space shuttles convert more resistant against temperature.