Graphite products for use in the manufacture of diamond tools for cutting, shaping and drilling of natural stone, marble, granite, concrete, asphalt and other hard metals, for grinding glass and other polished surfaces, for sintering technology applied in the manufacture of defense and ballistic products and in the production of high-tech ceramics: isostatic graphite grades with different mechanical and electrical resistance values. Graphite grades for bead dies, socket dies, plugs, beads and rings and core dies for the diamond cutters sector, with surface and dimensional precision: Isostatic graphite products. Press electrodes for use in sinter press machines. Graphite products with the required electrical and mechanical values in accordance with superficial and dimensional precision: Isostatic graphite products. Commercial and technical cooperation with two important companies that are technology leaders in their respective fields, in addition to many years of expertise in high temperature graphite applications in connection with Sinter Technology: Dr. Fritsch (Germany) - Manufacturer of Diamond Cutters Manufacturing Machines and Metal Powders / Iljin Diamond (S.Korea Cum.) - Manufacture of Industrial Synthetic Diamond Powders and other abrasives (such as PCD, CBN)

Dr. Fritsch Special Purpose Machines: Production of mixing, granulating, cold press, sinter press machines, welding (brazing) machines, stress relieving, grinding and sharpening tools, laser welding machines used in the manufacture of diamond tools. "Technology for the future". Dr. Fritsch Metal Powders: Metal powders (cobalt, bronze, copper, tin, nickel, iron, tin, nickel, iron powders), cobalt alternative chemical powder mixtures, custom blended chemical powder mixtures for various product types, other additives (boron nitride, binders, molding lubricants) and laboratory services for chemical ingredients used as a carrier structure in the manufacture of diamond tools. "This is our definition of flexibility". Iljin Diamond: Industrial Synthetic Diamond Powders "Innovation is our Tradition, Quality is our Product and People are our Value".