Electrical coals (carbon brushes), current-receiving busbars, pantograph coals, traction motor coals and different types of brush holders used as traditional applications in all direct current (DC) motors. As a representative of reputable E-carbon member companies, we offer the most suitable product service with all kinds of electro-graphite and metal doped raw materials. Determination of coal quality and engine conditions with modern devices.

Pantograph (carbon current collectors) coals and traction motor coals in electric vehicles used in transportation services

On-site diagnosis of engine conditions with the most modern, portable devices and apparatus and determination of the most suitable coal quality with laboratory systems.

Manufacture of carbon brushes in all types and sizes, with hardness, electrical resistance values required for different applications, with different chemical contents and surface properties

Materials and solutions for special applications of all types. For example Special manufacturing current receiving busbar coals.

Please consult our company, which specializes in electrical applications as a group with more than 50 years of experience, for all your electrical applications.