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Mechanical Applications
Carbon and Graphite Impermeability Elements

Karbon ve Grafit Sızdırmazlık Elemanları Carbon materials are preferred as mechanical impermeability elements at frictional systems due to their high resistance under wet/dry and dry operating conditions.

Elements for Wet and Dry Running Pumps and Compressors

Islak ve Kuru Çalışan Pompalar ve Kompresörler için Elemanlar There are many parts made of carbon materials in machines used for gas pressurizing and vacuuming. The usage of carbon material as dynamic impermeability elements is being traditionally conducted and is part of many applications in today's technology.

Dynamic Impermeability, Bearing and Sliding Elements Made of Carbon, Graphite and RIDURID®

Karbon, Grafit ve RIDURID® 'den yapılan Dinamik Sızdırmazlık, Yataklama ve Kaydırma Elemanları   Carbon bearings and mechanical impermeability elements are particularly used in areas where lubrication cannot be performed due to diverse reasons.

Liquid Transfer Pumps

Sıvı Aktarma Pompaları Our carbon materials can be used in the situations below as bearings, bushings and impermeability elements at pumps due to their good lubrication feature and high chemical resistance;