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Electrical Applications
Carbon Brushes

Karbon Fırçaları The term "Carbon Brush" got established by the usage of "carbon and graphite materials instead of the copper wire bundles used as current carrying frictional contact during the initial terms of electrical machine engineering in the industry. Carbon Brushes, which passed a development process for long years, preserve their position as the indispensible parts of electrical machine in the age of microelectronics.

Bar Coals

Bara Kömürleri Bar Coals Bar coals and brushes, which provide the conduction of high currents, are involved into many applications in daily life and the industry. Some of the applications to be given as a sample might be rail transport vehicles grounding coals, cranes, electrolitic coating and surface processing facilities, catenary coals of rail transportation vehicles.

Pantograph Coals

Pantograf Kömürleri The "carbon current collectors manufactured by "Pantrac" for railway applications distinguish by their perfect application performances. SKC Karbon (original equipment supplier, Pantrac - Germany) is the carbon stripe supplier of Bursaray-Bursa, Kayseray -Kayseri and Samulas-Samsun.