To the final dimension processed or semi-finished (Block) graphite electrode products for dip (electro) erosion applications for diverse mold rooms and workshops performing metal cutting production.

Being different graphite qualities suitable for rough processes for your Dip Erosion (EDM) applications; with superior surface features, long lifetime and high performance to be delivered as brought to the final dimensions and processed or as semi-finished (block) products: Isoelastic graphite.

Graphite vs. Copper comparison for electrode usage at Dip (Electro) Erosion applications:

1. Difference between densities (d Copper = 8,96 gr/cm3 and d Graphite = 1,77 gr/cm3): lightness

2. The ability of graphite to be processed at narrower toleranced abd rigidty advantage compared with copper
3. The ability to process pieces faster with graphite (cutting speed increase of up to 40% - electrical resistance)
4. The storage and transfer advantage and high oxidation resistance at room temperature of graphite
5. Ability to obtain of more superior surface features with graphite
6. Economy of the unit prices of graphite and less price fluctuations compared with copper