Carbon current collectors manufactured by the top companies we represent are excellent application performance, efficiency, low wear rate. Products with superior protection features with approved ADD and APD functions.

The "Carbon current collectors" manufactured by "Pantrac" for railway applications stand out with their excellent application performance. SKC Carbon (original equipment provider, Pantrac -Germany) Bursaray-Bursa, Kayseri -Kayseri and Samulas -Samsun's carbon strip supplier.

Turkey's transport authority Transport Inc. Istanbul, ABB and Bombardier preferred SKC Carbon products in transportation vehicles. (Original equipment supplier of both brands: Schunk) Pantrac current receiver busbars, Transport Co. After being tested for more than two years by 35% better than original materials, SKC made Carbon an important candidate for future projects.

Carbon profiles are manufactured in the Bonn / Germany plant of SGL CARBON GmbH, one of the world's largest manufacturers of carbon and graphite products.

Panto Drive

Advantages of PanTrac Pantograph Carbons

Productivity and low life cycle cost

  • Low wear rate of our carbon qualities
  • Lead-free carbon grades with metal impregnations for high and very high current loads (RH84M5, RH83M5, RH85M5)
  • The bond between the aluminum carrier and the carbon profiling is provided by a special adhesive with an electrical conductivity.
  • Connection. Resistant to temperatures up to 300 °C.
  • 30kA (AC-16 with 2/3 Hz short circuit current tested.)
  • Reliable automatic cutting system (Automatic-Dropping-Device = ADD)
  • Reliable quality control system (according to EN50405 standards)
Typical properties of our most important carbon qualities for pantograph carbons

QualityDensity g/cm2Specific ResistanceHardnessFlexural StrengthImpregnated
PH 841.73349537-
RH84 M62.401211565Cu Sn+
RH83 M62.80711085Cu Sn+ 
RH85 M63.40411095Cu Sn+

*The carbonprofitene "CunSn" can be impregnated up to a length of 1150 mm.