The Success of SKC Karbon in Carbon-Graphite Products

Though the tough and fluctuating conditions of the period between 1970 and 1990, it has achieved to become a qualitative and asked brand in the inland and abroad by specializing on particularly carbon brushes for the automobile industry by adding also the metal powder pressing technology to its product portfolio along with carbon-graphite material processing under the brand MEGA (Schmidthammer Elektrokohle GmbH) by following the developments according to the technology of the date regularly.

Our company, founded in 1999 as a Ltd. Co., conducts its activities since 2013, which falls on the 50th anniversary of our activity in the field of carbon-graphite, as SKC KARBON Sanayi ve Ticaret Inc. and processes under its roof carbon and graphite materials for electrical, industrial and mechanical applications with its contemporary technology complying and rich machine park and endevours to deliver its customers high efficient, precise graphite products to the most affordable prices and timely.