SKC Karbon; Using the Latest Technology in the Graphite Carbon Sector in Istanbul
2019-03-11 14:03:10

The goal of SKC Karbon San. ve Tic A.. is to produce carbon and graphite materials for electrical, industrial and mechanical applications with its contemporary technology complying and rich machine park and endevours to deliver its customers high efficient, precise graphite products to the most affordable prices and timely. 

The companies of which we undertook the Turkey-Distributorship; We provide services with the raw materials and products of world known companies which are specialized in their fields like SGL Carbon (Special Graphite Business Field), carbon graphite at electrical applications E-Carbon, Pantrac GmbH, Gerken SA, Helwig Carbon Products (Carbon Graphite Products) and Schmidthammer-Elektrokohle GmbH (IndustrialCarbon Brushes) and Dr. Fritsch GmbH for the production of diamond cutter tools where the usage of graphite stands in the forefront.